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At North Shore Dojo, the wellness of our athletes and families is paramount.  Our facility is well-maintained and cleaned/sanitized daily.  

We are back to in-person classes and following all state COVID guidelines. 


Monday thru Thursday 4:30 PM, 5:30 PM - All Levels

Saturday 9:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 11:30 AM - All levels

We believe strongly in team mentoring and Inclusion.

These classes for for all ages and abilities.

Advanced Classes

Advanced classes are by invite only:

Advanced Kata - Tuesdays 6:30 PM

Advanced Kumite - Fridays 4:30 PM

On-Demand Videos

Our Senseis have created a series of videos for members to use to supplement their training.


Videos detail and demonstrate katas and technique.

North Shore Dojo is not just another karate school. 

We are a family-based dojo, teaching Shotokan karate, and we encourage individuals to work beyond their limitations and garner the necessary skills for becoming a karate champion and for all endeavors.


Since 1979, North Shore Dojo has offered rigorous karate training taught by world class instructors. Led by Master Instructor (Shihan) Jeff Kohn, our school offers unparalleled training. More..

Within a typical class, students focus on all essential aspects of physical fitness including physical conditioning and strengthening, stretching, endurance building, and the integration of the mind-body interactions. These special attributes have led to the development of this award and medal winning internationally renowned program.

Led by Sensei Jeff Kohn, North Shore Dojo offers karate training -- for all ages and abilities. With classes and programs specifically tailored to different groups, all committed athletes can thrive at our dojo. More...

"Sensei teaches karate as well as academic behaviors, transferrable skills that teach students how to learn. Those are the behaviors that keep you progressing through quarantine and through life.  Arigato Sensei!" 

Matthew Pietrafetta


Founded in 2008, the Karate Can-Do Foundation believes that everyone has the ability to learn, the right to participate, and the will to compete. It provides training and scholarships to athletes of all abilities and levels.

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