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"Sensei Kohn has a gift. Through sensei's "tough love," his great sensitivity and strength, my son, for the first time in his life, has reached inside and found the motivation to set goals for himself…and challenged himself to reach those goals."


Harriet Seitler, parent


(From L-R) Business Manager Sasha Gerritson, Sensei Kohn, and Robert Middleton, President of Karate Can-Do Foundation wear pink belts in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness as they do their kata.

Sensei Kohn has been the director and head instructor of North Shore Dojo since its inception in 1979. In February 2010, he was officially appointed USA Karate Chairman of the USA Karate Disabled Program by the United States Olympic Committee. In addition, Sensei Kohn has been invited by the WKF to bring a US National Team to compete in the 2012 World Championships in Paris, France. Sensei Kohn is a graduate with a degree in Physical Education from Illinois State University, as well as a 7th Degree Black Belt and Master Instructor. Throughout his career, Sensei has coached people with challenges such as ADD/ADHD, sensory integration disorder, autism, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, Down syndrome, developmental delays, behavioral disorders, Tourette's syndrome and physical disabilities. In 2008 Sensei's dream to begin a program specifically dedicated to helping these specially challenged children and adults became a reality when the Foundation was officially launched. He is the Chairman of Para Karate for USA Karate and the 2020 Olympic Committee and a member of the WKF Commission for Para Karate Athletes. Sensei Kohn and his work has been featured in numbers media outlets, including the Chicago Tribune, the Glenview News, and on ABC News.

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