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Take a look around the NORTH SHORE DOJO and you will see thousands of national and international medals and trophies surrounding the walls. These are a testament to Master Instructor (Shihan) Jeff Kohn's world-renowned teaching skills.

Since its founding in 1979, North Shore Dojo has trained hundreds of students in Shotokan Karate and awarded numerous black belts. Many of our most decorated karateka now run their own dojos across the country. 

At North Shore Dojo, we believe that the best instruction is guided by firm, creative patience.  No two athletes are alike.  Our athletes succeed because they practice respect, empathy, and humility. Along with rigorous physical training, these values are essential to our dojo. 

We encourage all of our athletes to harness their strength and to set goals beyond their expectations. With hard work and perseverance, anything is possible.


"Many people would argue that the skills and lessons I have learned are inherent to the martial arts. I would not disagree with this assessment, but would argue that it takes a special teacher to nurture and hone these skills. Sensei Kohn is truly a teacher with a special gift to strengthen both the body and mind. I would, with the highest of confidence, recommend this program to anyone."


Darren Brenner, MD in Gastroenterology, Internal Medicine at Northwestern University Memorial Hospital

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